I specialise in Destination Weddings in Taormina Sicily

So why choose Bouquets and Bows?

If you have had a good look around the internet to see what other Wedding Planners and Coordinators offer in this region of Italy, the one apparent thing you will have noticed is that very few professional organizations actually propose Sicily for a wedding in Italy at all, and even if they do offer Taormina for example, the majority are based in other parts of Italy and are not here on the island or even located nearby. There really is no one else that specialises purely in the Taormina area for weddings here in Sicily apart from myself, and also very few that are actually based close by in what is a very large island, which I on the other hand am. This means that as large and as organised as they might be, outsiders will obviously lack the hands-on local knowledge and specialist experience of this specific area which is so very important in the successful outcome of your destination wedding.

Being on hand locally, not only on the wedding day but throughout the entire duration of your wedding planning which I feel is an important and valid factor, is undoubtedly what makes me the right choice for your wedding in beautiful Taormina. I actually live right here, directly in Sicily's most popular world famous destination which is where I hope you will choose to get married. You deal directly with me and me alone, no agents or local delegates. A truly personal tailor-made service from beginning to end with my reputable and professional guarantee of experience, in-depth local knowledge and contacts, dedication, passion, and above all my contagious enthusiasm!



Bouquets and Bows is a reputable legally registered and fully insured
small professional organization run by Liz Gaan (Spartà)

You can read my personal profile here below
I think this will
give you a pretty good idea of the Wedding Planner and Coordinator
 you will be dealing with directly in regards to all aspects of your special day


Dear Visitors

Welcome to Bouquets and Bows!

My name is Liz Gaan (Spartà) and I look forward to being of assistance to you with your wedding here in Sicily. I thought it would be nice to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me, as I am a great believer that personal contact and first impressions are very important, particularly in this very special field.

I was born and raised in London, but I am of Italian descent. After leaving school I soon got the travel bug and after a couple of worldwide trips eventually ended up in Sicily, where I now live permanently. I have two wonderful children who currently both living and working in London. Having lived and worked in Sicily for over thirty years in a wide variety of aspects of travel and tourism, I have acquired an excellent in-depth knowledge of this island and of Taormina in particular, now being a "local" myself, and I am perfectly fluent in both written and spoken English and Italian.

As well as being a Wedding Consultant and Planner, I am also a qualified Licensed Tour Guide and Interpreter, with a great passion for Sicily. My experiences are wide and varied, ranging from Travel Agency work, Excursions and Coach Tours, to the organisation of Conferences and Corporate Events and of course now many many lovely Weddings. Before launching my independent company Bouquets and Bows in the spring of 2004, I was employed for eight years by a leading UK tour operator as their Regional Manager for Sicily, leading a team of resort representatives and running the overseas side of their business.

With a portfolio of experience in tourism and the travel business behind me, Wedding Planning and organisation became the logical enhancement of a working lifetime of experience and vast local knowledge used in a very original and successful way. Now after having had the pleasure of organising a large number of weddings in these past ten years, my experience as your Wedding Planner is invaluable.

I am a very bubbly and lively person and really enjoy meeting new people. I am a real stickler for perfection and detail and I repute myself to be a highly professional person with good interpersonal and organizational skills. I am extremely passionate about this Island and my profession and I am sure you will get to love Sicily as much as I do and find Taormina to be the perfect choice for your very special Destination Wedding.

I am also very proud to say that I have designed and created this website myself without any professional help or previous web experience! so I really hope you enjoy browsing around it. I have also linked my site to other social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter and I am also going to begin working on my new Blog soon (so lots to keep me busy this coming winter 2014). All the photographs used on my website and my other pages are from actual weddings I have organised here over the past ten years so a huge thank you to my wonderful photographers and to all of my lovely couples for allowing me use their beautiful photographs here and elsewhere. I am currently busy updating this site and so will be adding lots of lovely new photographs and information. I could have handed this huge task over to a web master to create me a fancy flashy site and complete the work begun, but because of the way I am, preferring to do everything myself (even if it takes me months to finish.....) I intend to keep my site personal, simple, easy to navigate and informative, because I think that this is a good reflection of  myself and my service which like my site, is straightforward, honest and useful, with no hidden surprises!

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to making your acquaintance.

Please do not hesitate to contact me liz@bouquetsandbows.com

My kindest regards


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As a legally registered wedding planner and coordinator, I as your Supplier, maintain an adequate policy of insurance in respect of all liabilities, claims, damages, expenses, legal costs and all other sums of whatever nature that as a Supplier I may incur towards, or in respect of any client. Such insurance cover is adequate and appropriate in line with Italian custom and practice and with the usual conditions and standards applicable in Italy where the services are to be provided, in line with the particular business in which the Supplier operates.