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For those who do not want or cannot celebrate a formal civil or religious wedding ceremony with all the legal documentation involved, a symbolic ceremony is the ideal alternative.

Symbolic ceremonies are celebrated by an English speaking officiant and can take place anywhere you like without restrictions, for any couple and for any reason as they are not legally binding, but purely for pleasure. There is no documentation required for a symbolic wedding and it is the perfect choice for those who have already had a civil ceremony either in Italy or in their country of origin. A symbolic ceremony for example, could consist of anything from a simple exchange of rings and vows in an unusual setting, to the renewal of vows in a stunning panoramic location for a special anniversary celebration or a full scale wedding in a private garden, villa or castle. The choice is yours and as little or as many of the services involved in a formal civil or church wedding can be applied.

There are some wonderful panoramic locations here in Sicily such as luxuriant gardens, historical buildings and private villas that are perfect settings for this type of ceremony where you can also hold your reception banquet afterwards. Some locations offer accommodation as well as catered reception facilities, permitting you to stay, and have your ceremony and your wedding reception all in the same establishment. Various hotels in Taormina also have special facilities to accommodate this type of celebration.

Sunset Wedding on Explosive Mount Etna - only for the more adventurous!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to exchange your wedding vows at 10,000 feet above sea level just metres beneath the smokey main crater of Europe's largest active volcano at sunset! There can't be many locations anywhere else in the world that could rival such an experience! My exclusive unity lavic ash ceremony is particularly suggestive in this unique location. The visibility and weather conditions on Mount Etna are extremely variable so this would be limited to a mid summer event only (June to September).

Beach Wedding

If your dream is an intimate exchange of vows and rings on a stretch of sandy beach just for you and your partner or with a select group of family and friends, you do not neccessarily have to go the the Caribbean to achieve this. Be prepared to get your feet wet though! My symbolic unity sand ceremony with celebration toast of Prosecco (dry sparkling wine) and a motor boat ride along the glorious Taormina coastline afterwards, followed by a wedding lunch or dinner in a seafacing restaurant complete this magical experience.


Why not add a theme to your wedding either for the whole event or just a part of it?

Many of the locations we have on offer are also perfect for Theme Weddings:

Here are a few suggestions: "Sapori e colori di Sicilia" - Traditional Sicilian flavours and folklore; "Il Gattopardo" - The Leopard, evoking period costumes, sophisticated music and Sicily's nobility; "Il Padrino" - Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather movies (Why not? After all, you will be getting married in Sicily!) Movie buffs will just adore exploring the original characteristic locations of those unforgettable movies.

Sapori e Colori di Sicilia - Traditional Sicilian Flavours and Folklore

The most important thing in life for the Sicilians is their food and their wine! So what better place to savour the delights of Sicilian cuisine than right here in Sicily. You will eat drink and dance till you drop in true Sicilian style, immersed in the heart of the countryside only a short distance from Taormina.
Delicious mouth watering genuine home made specialities, strong country wine, musicians, folk dancers and a traditional Sicilian horse and cart ride are all included in the fun!

Godfather Theme Location Wedding

These are my own exclusive tailor-made weddings in the 'Godfather' villages of Savoca and Forza D'Agro - an offer you just might not be able to refuse!
Who has never seen those three unforgettable movies? Anyone who hasn't really should do so before coming to Sicily and visiting these charming locations. Francis Ford Coppola filmed the Sicilian scenes of his movies in two authentic hilltop villages a short drive from Taormina, which still today are completely untouched by the hustle and bustle of the third millennium and retain their original medievel charm. Built on rocky hilltops high above the sea, the villages are a hidden piece of Sicily which definitely merit a visit at least, not to mention your wedding ceremony or reception banquet or indeed just a photographic wedding shoot! A must for film buffs and a photographers delight.

I also organize an exclusive post-wedding 'Godfather Tour' with you the couple, in the role of the bride and groom who re-enact out Michael and Apollonia's memorable wedding scenes from 'The Godfather Part I' together with all of your guests.

The villa with the famous balcony, which was frequently used in all three movies as Don Tommasino's home, is built in lava stone and is located on the lower slopes of Mount Etna. Michaels and Appollonia's engagement, the blowing up of Appollonia's car in Godfather Part I, and Al Pacino's final scene in Godfather Part III, amongst many scenes filmed there, are perhaps the most memorable. The owner, a Baron of noble descent, is extremely proud of his property which has its own private 15th Church that can be used for full scale wedding as well as a large courtyard garden in front of the villa and a vaulted banqueting cellar beneath, making it a truly unique and exclusive venue for a symbolic ceremony or for a reception banquet after an official ceremony in Taormina. This venue is better suited to a large event as it involves the hire of the entire estate for the function using an external catering service.

Il Gattopardo - The Leopard

Another magnificent movie set in Sicily. Like all truly great films it is full of evocative scenes: Prince Tancredi riding off to war in his carriage, the astonishing ball sequence, when Prince Salina gazes at the painting and comes to grips with his own mortality, and the unforgettable end, when Salina kneels on the ground and speaks to the stars. Coppola, Cimino and Scorsese all saw this film and learned from it. Period costumes, sophisticated music and a fabulous elegant location all contribute to making this a dream come true.

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